Love going to Karate Class!


My kids have been going to Karate International of Durham for over a year and the growth in their self-confidence and discipline has been amazing. They love going to karate class and are really motivated to work hard and earn their black belts.

Jodi L.
Happy Parent

What Price for a Child's Safety?

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Since joining Karate International Of Durham about 5 years ago, my son, Kyle, has become a leader among his peers. Not only has he obtained his black belt but he has gained self discipline and confidence. His achievements has also motivated his twin brother, Nathan, to join. Hanshi Bowen continues to show his commitment to mold his students into the leaders of tomorrow.

Jamie G.

Extremely Positive Experience

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Karate International has been an extremely positive experience for our family. We were skeptical at first as to how our very wiggly 4.5 year old would learn body control and self discipline from this experience. One and a half years later, our son just earned his blue belt, is significantly calmer and has increased self-confidence. His respect of Hanshi and the instructors has helped him with the transition to school and with his behavior at home. It has been a long road for us, but we see the benefits and would recommend Hanshi's program to others!

Ilene F.
Satisfied Parent

Come Join Us!

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I never thought I'd be a martial artist, and on a whim took a VIP program at Karate International Durham. I decide to enroll as a Member as a 40th Birthday Present to myself...honestly one of the best gifts I've ever received. Karate is not only a great workout, but you will be motivated to push beyond all your limits- physically and mentally and succeed in the process. I'm on my way to black belt and beyond. There's no better sense of empowerment. Come join us!

Barbara D.